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MARY STUART ANATOMY( OF DRAMA) am 21.11.2023 in Prag


Elizabeth I. and Mary Stuart.

Alћběta and Marie.

Little Betty and little Mary.

Betty and Mar.

Bet and Mitzi.

(Sebastian Rein and Jakub Čermбk).

A queen and a queen.

The jaileress and the jailed.

The executioner and the victim.

The virgin and the slut.

The empress and the whore.

The mousy one and the bitch one.

The bitch and the cunt.

The diva and the heroine.

Liz and Mary.

Best friends forever.

Two queens, two courts, two fates, but only one severed head in the end. The performance for all who want to face the Suns of the Royal Highnesses, their whims, their desires and their anxieties.

Work-in-progress of Mary Stuart. Anatomy (of drama) won the second prize at the OFFenziva festival in Ostrava.

The performance was supported by the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the State Culture Fund and the Czech-German Future Fund.


im Rahmen des Ekhof-Festivals :

als Aubespine/Davison


Maria Stuart von Friedrich Schiller im Ekhof-Theater Gotha


Samstag, 22.07.2023, 19 Uhr

Sonntag, 23.07.2023, 15 Uhr

Freitag, 04.08.2023, 19 Uhr 

Samstag, 05.08.2023, 19 Uhr



Mary Stuart. Anatomy of Drama

am  29.06.2023 in Berlin    <<<Infos>>>>










17-18-6. 2023, AckerstadtPalast Berlin

Concept and Choreography:Keisuke Sugawara

Performance:Akemi Nagao, Soomin Chae, Sebastian Rein and Tatsumi Ryusui

Light Design: Nicolás San Martin , Translation: Yui  Tamura

Premiered: 06.05.2023 at Japan Days Kaunas 




in Bratislava 19.5.2023






The First Moment of Marwa El Sherbini

Noa Gur´s Installation at Kunstraum Kreuzberg (-19.02.2023)





vom 18.-24. 5. 2022 in PRAG

TICKETS: https://goout.net/cs/bordel-lamour/szumsxs/






photo @michaela__skvrnakova photo@ michaela__skvrnakova


Am 14.10. in Prag  ( Tickets: https://goout.net/cs/marie-stuartovna-anatomie-dramatu/szpnnxr/  )  


und 15.10. in Brno, Infos folgen



am 16.8.2021 beim WILD! FESTIVAL IN PRAG,


Karten und Infos:








AM 10. und 11. Juli 2021 im Ackerstadtpalast Berlin :


PV.02-031 – Keisuke Sugawara


Konzept, künstlerische Leitung: Keisuke Sugawara

Performance: Adam Goodwin, Sebastian Rein, Johanna Ryynänen

Gefördert vom Fonds Darstellende Künste


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merci @Verena Brüning

Sebastian Rein ©Verena Brüning